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We know every project has some expectations, challenges & budget constraints. We evaluate all of them during our interaction with the client as part of the process and include them in our drawings to give a customized feeling to the client while suggesting latest trends and concepts.


Collaborating with a kitchen designer is invaluable when it comes to technical knowledge, product selection and the supervision required in the planning and development of today's sophisticated residential kitchens. Our experts take a leading edge approach with the latest tools and technology available. Visualizing is simplified through professional drawings, details, 3D renderings and meticulous presentation that are second to none.

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Project Management

Project Management

We at D & G Cabinets have developed an internal process which is followed rigorously for each project irrespective of its size which helps us maintain our top position amongst the competition. This process ensures proper allocation, responsibility and TIMELY completion of each project. Each process is reviewed on a regular basis for its effectiveness and up-gradation.

It is our management philosophy to treat every client with respect and honor and to strive to create an atmosphere which is comfortable and memorable for our clients and works as a Brand Ambassador for us.

Install & Service

Installation is the final stage of most of the projects and final output depends how effectively, carefully and professionally it is executed. We at D&G, give importance to the details. Our experienced technical team is shared the design and layout of each project before they get into the action for installation for a perfect job at your door step. Post installation, an inspection is arranged at the convenience of the client for Quality observations and corrections if any, for a life time experience for the client.

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